Community Health Services

people together

SEPT is a top performing NHS Trust with a vision of creating real and sustained change to the way that its services are designed, delivered and improved - working across the whole health and social care economy.

The best way of achieving this as the NHS undergoes a rapid period of transformation in the way it delivers and provides its services is for care providers to work seamlessly together to deliver single care pathways where possible. This is because we recognise that poor patient experience is usually caused where patients are moved between organisations. We have integrated community health services within SEPT to support this new integrated way of working where patients and staff and have a greater say in the way services are developed and delivered and are central to what we do.

By creating a new integrated provider organisation for Community Health Services we will be able to bring care closer to home and improve the patient experience by providing a ‘joined up’ approach to care.

Please click on the links for a full outline of Community Health Services provided by SEPT in South East Essex, West Essex and Bedfordshire.

Bedfordshire Community Health Services

South East Essex Community Health Services

Suffolk Community Health Services

West Essex Community Health Services