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Case Studies

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James suffered from depression.  He found it hard to be with other people but very much wanted to return to work.  The Occupational Therapist agreed a step by step programme with James.  Initially this involved one-to-one sessions, but later he was able to join a group that helped him understand his condition and develop coping skills that enabled him to work part time.


Jane was diagnosed with dementia and as time went on she found it hard to move around the house and this affected her ability to care for herself.  The Occupational Therapist prescribed some equipment for her kitchen and bathroom which made life much easier.


Daniel was diagnosed with schizophrenia many years ago.  He found it hard to take care of himself and had put on weight.  One of the things the Occupational Therapist did with him was to teach him to cook healthy meals and build his confidence.  Later the Occupational Therapist encouraged John to attend a healthy lifestyle group where he met others with the same difficulties and they were able to support each other to keep attending.  When the programme finished the group decided to carry on with regular exercise and joined a rambling group.


Susan had epilepsy and a learning disability.  She lived with her parents who cared for her very well.  However, Susan wanted to become more independent and eventually moved to living in a supported house.  The Occupational Therapist helped Susan to shop, cook, manage her money and use the bus.  She also helped Susan receive a telecare alarm, to alert carers should she have a seizure.